Navigation Menu+ Commercial: Hot girl vs. a fishing lure. Who wins?

Posted on Jan 31, 2014 by in Youtube Hotgirl | 24 comments


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  1. if it was me I like yea come to me and well do it for fun :)

  2. well- I gotta say – as an
    angler – I get pretty tired of the ‘sex’sells’ aspect of marketing for
    anglers. Just doesn;t happen to do much for ME (understandably, I
    suppose). But I found this COMPLETELY understandable AND believable!!!!!!
    And HYSTERICAL!!!!!! Nice job Fishhound!!!! 

  3. yea ok

  4. You could not pay a straight guy enough money to not look at a girl a babe
    who is dangling a bikini top in front of you.

  5. I’d have to give up fishing, at least until she got old, fat, pregnant….

  6. IM HOOKED!!!

  7. this guys gotta keep his priorities straight lol

  8. HI Good video

  9. He must be gay.

  10. same

  11. Smart advertise.

  12. Nice work.

  13. gay for lures

  14. Импотент

  15. I am comment

  16. ahhahaha shared on capitanrustyhookDOTcom

  17. I think I might be gay for lures…

  18. That is hot.

  19. Hindi Athwa Gujrati Me Taip kije

  20. I like it…………………..

  21. Rich people likes hobby more than sexy girls. Believe me, girls are so easy
    to get than any game fish for them.

  22. That was awesome

  23. You are Dom

  24. im sorry but id take the chick.

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